R&H Manufacturers serves multiple industries in Heavy Equipment, Transportation, Oil & Gas, Power, and Manufacturing. We machine aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, iron, nickel, and alloys & composite metals. Our operation specializes in turning, milling, and drill & tap of small to medium-sized parts.

Continue reading below to view our samples of machined shafts, spindles, axles, couplings, flanges, and non-cylindrical parts like manifold, and multi-component work that combines milling, turning, cutting, internal threading, external threading, drilling, boring, facing, and contouring.

CNC Turned Shafts, Rods, and Shaping

Products created through CNC Turning and other finishing processes include Rotary Shafts, Linear Shafts, Drive Shafts, and Posts. Shaft products with retaining grooves, keyways, tapped, threaded, stepped, or a mix, are evaluated by our quality control department to ensure high compliance with your process and equipment. Cylindrical products need to match certain specifications, especially when sourcing from multiple shops. Our quality standards ensure that your specifications will be met.

Multiple Stage CNC and Assembly

R&H Manufacturers produces components that have moveable parts, combine more than one material, or are simply best done with multiple stages of production. These products feature a variety of processes from milling, turning, drill, boring, internal threading, external threading, and assembling a variety of components. Parts shown feature internal bearings, springs, interlocking pins, and stamping. These products meet tight tolerances for handling pressurized fluids.

Casting, CNC, Finishing

These parts are similar Hub Bodies that were created from a common mold and finished to different specifications with different materials. Utilizing molds and finishing with the machining processes is an excellent production method for large volume orders that minimize waste. Our team can design and develop molds for casting using our experience and trusted partners to provide the machining solution that will meet your needs best. The center flange was cast in poured carbon steel and finished using threading, turning, drill/tap, boring, and facing to be used in reel assemblies for fluids used in many industries like aviation for fuel, or food and beverage.

Precise Tolerances and Hydraulics

Industrial hydraulics are critical to heavy machines and are the backbone of nearly every sector. Hydraulic components require precise machining with tolerances as low as .001 inch to prevent failure. The precision needed to avoid damage from weather, operate with frictional wear and heat, and perform their function without causing damage to other parts is crucial. R&H Manufacturers produces parts for hydraulic cylinders that are reliable and trusted by global brands. You may already have R&H hydraulic components in your warehouse or outdoor operations!

History of Quality

R&H has a long history of over 60 years manufacturing high-quality components for industrial applications. The best way for CNC machinists to achieve this longevity is through a quality control system that has the ability to meet and exceed the tolerances and expectations of our customers. We employ computerized and analog systems to check and double-check our finished products before we ship them to you, and we have trusted partners that provide quality source materials made in the USA.